YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

Producing a video and promoting it on YouTube is a cheap and hugely cost-effective alternative to traditional TV advertising in terms of showcasing your brand, products and services to a highly targeted audience. YouTube ads are very effective in raising awareness of a product or service and driving views of a client’s video. With cost per views averaging under 10p this is very cost effective compared to TV advertising. YouTube video adverts display in various different formats on YouTube and have a further benefit of charges for the adverts only being incurred after 30 seconds or more of the advert is watched.

Video advertising is becoming more and more accessible and cost effective for companies and should be considered for most businesses as a solid way of growing a brand. If you don’t have a video already, we can work with you advising on the content and length of an ideal YouTube ad, offering guidance on links back to your website and helping with where to include call to actions within the video. We will also formulate a targeting plan to ensure the right audience is reached.

Get in touch if you would like to get your companies video seen by more relevant people and we can develop an effective YouTube advertising plan.

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