Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to immediately increase relevant traffic to your website. We research lists of keywords that represent your business and its products/services for our campaigns and show ads on search engine results pages (such as Google or Bing). By combining well targeted keywords and copy we’re able to find you a whole new audience of potential customers at the cost of a click!

PPC Management

Our PPC management service covers all aspects of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads management, including but not limited to:

  • PPC advertising- This includes set-up (for clients without existing campaigns) keyword research, structuring of ad groups, negative keywords, conversion tracking, ad copy writing, testing and ongoing optimisation to maximise results.
  • Ongoing account management – Such as optimisation, clever bid management and a scientific approach to data analysis.

Google Shopping/Bing Shopping Campaign Management

A shopping or product listing ads campaign is an add-on to a PPC account and is managed in a similar way (you only pay for each click on your ad). These ads are featured prominently on search engine results pages whenever your products are searched for and are generally high performing. This is because your product descriptions, images and prices are shown as part of the ads and help to drive customers to convert.

Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns are created by taking product feeds from the client’s website and adding them to the search engine’s merchant centre. The merchant centre is linked to a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising account and is set-up and managed in the same way as it would be for PPC account. Except, rather than bidding on keywords, with Shopping campaigns you bid on product groups, product areas or brands. Once set up Google or Microsoft/Bing scrapes the product inventory system to stay up-to-date and if a product is out of stock, the feed and the merchant centre will update accordingly.

As with our standard PPC management service, adding shopping campaigns to your PPC advertising campaign involves managing all aspects of campaign creation, maintenance, and reporting.

PPC Audit

The Right Click PPC audits assess all aspects of account performance. A typical audit will include a review of all campaign settings, keyword structure, negative keywords, ad content, targeting, ad scheduling, remarketing, and tracking. Once completed, we’ll go through the report with you in detail over Zoom and provide actionable recommendations that’ll help you improve performance, save money and reach your marketing goals.

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