Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads generally take the form of promoting tweets that have already been written and sent out to a wider audience. These audiences are based on a number of factors including the information known about the user from their Twitter profile, through to the accounts they follow and the content of previous tweets they have written.

Twitter advertising can utilise images, which we recommend to make the promoted tweet stand-out, with charges on Twitter based on tweet engagements, which include clicks on links, retweets or a favourite of a tweet.

At the start of any Twitter advertising campaign we would work with you to decide who to target, testing different targeting groups to analyse performance. We would then work with you to create different ad variations depending on your objectives. As the Twitter advertising campaign progressed we would test different ad variations and targeting combinations together to ensure we continually improved campaign performance.

Get in touch if you need help with a Twitter advertising campaign and we will be happy to discuss your project.

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