Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are very effective in raising awareness of a brand, generating website visits and sales or obtaining leads.

Facebook advertising is based on the information within a Facebook user’s profile so allows you to target very specific groups of people. The targeting options include gender, age, location, education levels, relationship and family status and a wide range of interest categories based on page likes and other information.

We create highly targeted Facebook ads campaigns, utilising a variety of ad formats to ensure different messaging, imagery and videos are tested and optimising towards better performers. The goal of your campaign will be considered when deciding on the ad format to use and the Facebook ads campaigns we run are continually refined to ensure the best performing aspects of the campaign are utilised and poorer performing areas are reduced or stopped. We can also engage people with retargeting and basket abandonment messaging through the Facebook advertising platform.

Facebook Video Ads

If you have a professionally produced video for your business then Facebook video ads are a great way of increasing awareness of your product or service. Facebook video ads have all the same targeting features available as other Facebook ad formats and different charging elements are available, including paying for video views or conversions.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are a great way of capturing email addresses for future campaigns. Facebook lead ads include a form, built within Facebook itself, where details are given to enable more information to be sent at a future date. Facebook lead ads work really well for B2B clients where a free guide or something useful can be given in exchange for the individuals contact details.

Instagram Advertising

Adverts on Instagram are ran through the Facebook advertising interface and are generally included within Facebook campaigns, but managed separately by us to allow better analysis of the performance of the two different channels. Instagram ads often work better with different messaging than used on Facebook and also appear differently, so we are always careful to ensure the Instagram ads we run are optimised for the specific network.

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