Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are very effective in raising brand awareness, generating website traffic and sales or obtaining leads.

Facebook advertising uses information from Facebook user’s profiles allowing you to target very specific groups of people. The targeting options include gender, age, location, education levels, relationship and family status and a wide range of interest categories based on page likes and other information.

We create highly targeted Facebook ads campaigns, utilising a variety of ad formats to ensure different messaging, imagery and videos are A/B tested and optimised. We can also engage people with retargeting and basket abandonment messaging through the Facebook advertising platform.

We always consider your campaign goals when choosing an ad format to use and the Facebook ads campaigns we run are continually refined to ensure they are running optimally.

Facebook Video Ads

If you have already have professionally produced video for your business, then Facebook video ads are a great way of increasing brand awareness. Facebook video ads have all the same targeting features available as other Facebook ad formats and allow you to either pay per video view or for the website traffic your video ad generates.

Facebook Lead Ads

Rather than focusing on bringing more direct traffic to your website, or encouraging quick conversions, Facebook lead ads allow you to engage with your audience and capture customer data (I.e. email addresses and contact numbers). These are fantastic for email marketers, B2B clients and any business that operates on a longer form, more qualitative, sales approach. To get started you’ll need to create a form in Meta campaign manager and write some engaging copy. These campaigns also work very well when combined with content marketing and many businesses see increased engagement when they offer helpful incentives such as guides or whitepapers.

Instagram Advertising

Adverts on Instagram are run through the Facebook advertising interface and are generally included within Facebook campaigns. We sometimes manage them separately to allow better performance analysis. Instagram ads often work better with different messaging than used on Facebook and appear differently, so we are always careful to ensure the Instagram ads we run are properly optimised.

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