Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising involves the creation of visually appealing banner ads, in a variety of sizes and formats, that can be used to promote your business. These ads will be displayed on websites across the internet, in a variety of positions. Display advertising is charged either on a CPC or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis and campaigns like this are great for brand building and increasing your exposure, with the bonus of being able to refine your audiences down to meet your exact targeting requirements.

We offer two main types of display advertising.

Prospecting Google Display Ads

Google display ads are run through the Google Display Network, a huge network of websites that allow adverts to be displayed on their website. These mainly take the form of image ads but video advertising is also possible.

There are several different targeting options for Google display ads including user location and demographic data. You can also create audiences based on interests or browsing history and by targeting specific websites or keywords your audience may have visited or have searched for recently. Once a campaign is running the websites where your ads are showing can be analysed and targeted separately for further optimisation.


Remarketing gives you the opportunity to target previous users of your website with ads relevant to the specific pages or products they have browsed, within third-party websites. The aim is to re-engage users, draw them in with ads relevant to previous browsing behaviour, bring them back to your site and ultimately convert them into customers. Targeting is based on a website visitors IP address and a cookie being placed onto their website using tracking software.

We run remarketing campaigns, through the Google Display Network, on YouTube, with Facebook Ads, and through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Remarketing can be highly effective as users will have already interacted with your brand they will be more receptive to the ad that they’re presented with. Generally speaking, remarketing campaigns enjoy high click through and conversion rates because of this familiarity.

With e-commerce in mind, Dynamic Google remarketing allows you to target users at product-level, through a Google Shopping feed. Instead of simply being presented with generic ads around your site, specific products that user may have recently viewed can be showcased in their own right. This approach is therefore much more likely to resonate with users, encourage clicks and ultimately lead to a greater number of conversions. This approach is also available as a Facebook remarketing campaign feature.

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