Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Tracking tools such as Google Analytics, used to measure website activity, and Google Tag Manager, used to implement tracking codes onto websites, can become more and more complex depending on the scale of the website and implementation of these is often wrong. Knowing what is being delivered by your digital marketing efforts and what happens when people use your website, from page views through to conversion tracking, are key for any business and accurate website tracking is one of our most important services.

We offer a number of different web analytics services including debugging of tracking solutions you know to be incorrect, audits of all your website tracking implementations and setting up and testing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Web Analytics Audits

Our web analytics audit assesses all aspects of your current website tracking setup. Looking into Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (if used), and any other tracking pixels, such as the Facebook Ads pixel. We will test the accuracy of data, ensure goal tracking and eCommerce tracking are working properly and suggest and implement any other tracking that may be needed.

Setting up Google Analytics

If a new Google Analytics account is required, we can set this up for you and ensure it is tracking data accurately. We can help to link external products such as Google Ads or Salesforce, create filters to exclude internal traffic from your website stats, help with the creation and segmentation of audiences and can configure any goals needed for conversion tracking and test these.

Setting up Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is ideal for websites with a number of different tracking codes and where certain actions can’t be tracked using standard Google Analytics setups. If a website would benefit from the implementation of Google Tag Manager we can help with the creation of tags, used to host different third party tracking codes, and the creation of advanced conversion tracking covering complex payment gateways, across multiple domains or forms hosted in Iframes.

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