LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising is predominantly used for B2B advertising as it allows you to target professionals. The targeting of campaigns is based on data within a user’s LinkedIn profile such as job title, industry, education, locations, and even specific companies worked for.

We utilise different types of LinkedIn ads to promote our clients’ services including sponsored articles, InMail ads – direct to a user’s LinkedIn inbox and LinkedIn lead gen forms. Different LinkedIn advertising strategies are employed, depending on the goals a client wishes to achieve, and we will work with a client to decide the ideal ad format and targeting, creating these with different combinations to test performance.

Different types of LinkedIn ads include:

  • Sponsored posts – These involve sponsoring a post a company has already written on LinkedIn and ensuring it reaches a wider audience than the existing followers of the page. Sponsored posts are good for when you have a lot of information to convey.
  • Sponsored InMail – Taking the form of an email directly into a user’s LinkedIn inbox these allow personalised, relevant content to be delivered directly to specific individuals. These are great when you really want to start a personal conversation with potential customers.
  • LinkedIn lead gen forms – These allow you to capture information, such as an email address, to allow direct contact with potential customers. These can work well by including a link to some free content or resources, increasing the likelihood of form completions.

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