SEO Audit

SEO Account Audit

Our SEO Audit is an in-depth report into some of the most important on-page and off-page factors affecting your website’s current keyword rankings and performance from organic search. We review the most important elements and provide a report back with the results of our findings, which is then discussed in detail via an online meeting.

The SEO audit covers the following key ranking factors:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content review (include alts)
  • Internal linking
  • Broken links
  • Site speed
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Sitemap and robots.txt files
  • Backlink profile

The first sections of the website audit look at your page titles and meta descriptions. Are these included everywhere, are they written correctly and are they the right length? These are vital ranking factors and also help to encourage more clicks to your website.

Any SEO health check has to include a full SEO content audit and ours is detailed, covering H tags, the quality and length of the content, and the keywords included. Alt tags are also reviewed here.

Next, we will look at internal links within the site, looking for opportunities to increase these were possible and analysing if there are any broken links throughout the website affecting performance.

A review of site speed and how well the website is optimised for mobile is the next step in the SEO audit. These are both key ranking factors for any website and are an important part of the audit.

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    Reviewing the sitemaps and robots.txt files will follow and are important to help search engines find your website, and we’ll finish the audit by looking at your backlink profile, reviewing referring domains and the number of links.

    Once your SEO health check is completed a detailed written report will be produced explaining why each ranking factor is important and showing any issues with the way your website is currently optimised. This can then be discussed in further detail and a plan for improvements made via an online meeting.

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