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PPC Account Audit

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Do you need Pay per click help? Our PPC Account Audit service is a comprehensive review and report into the setup of your existing PPC account. We review the most important elements and provide a report back with the results of our findings, which is then discussed in detail via an online meeting.

The PPC account audit covers the following key areas:

  • General campaign settings
  • Targeting
  • Ad group structure
  • Keywords & match types
  • Negative keywords
  • Ads and ad extensions
  • Conversion tracking
  • A review of the change history

To get started with our PPC account audit service we would need access to your Google Ads account and your GA4 account. Once we have access, we will start the audit, arranging a call at the same time to present our findings.

The first section of the PPC audit deals with the campaign settings you are using currently. Is the bid strategy correct for you? Are all the right boxes ticked? (Or unticked, as is often the case!) These settings can make a real difference to how your account performs and it’s important the correct ones are used for your account.

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    The targeting section of the account audit reviews the locations you are showing your ads, the demographics of the people seeing the ads, the devices used, and the timings of the ad delivery.

    Looking into the ad group structure and the keywords used is perhaps the most important element of any Google Ads audit. Having the right keywords in place, using match types that are suitable, and having them in a tight structure, so the ads that are used to accompany the keywords are more specific, are key factors in any PPC account. We’ll also review current negative keywords and opportunities for adding more negative keywords, based on data in your account.

    People who need PPC help often don’t understand the different types of ads available and how to ensure these are written in a way that will get you better ad rankings and therefore more visibility and lower cost-per-clicks. Our PPC audit will review the types of ads used, and the ad content, and will also look at ad extensions, including site links, callout extensions, structured snippets, and more.

    We’ll finish the audit by looking at the setup of conversion tracking used in the account and by reviewing the frequency of changes being made and how those changes that are being made are impacting results and performance.

    Once finished you’ll receive a full written PPC account audit and we will deliver the findings to you via a meeting online.

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